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Self-defense Classes, Arizona Hombu, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, AZ

SELF DEFENSE (BUNKAI) CLASSES This class might be more appropriately called - bunkai. There are many important aspects to karate - and one of the more important is bunkai. Years ago, when I trained in Kyokushin Kai, Wado-Ryu, Kempo, and Shotokan karate, there was no mention of bunkai: we practiced kata without knowing why. We almost never correlated movements in kata with self-defense. Later, in Shorin-Ryu Karate my instructor began teaching bunkai in kata and a whole new world opened. No wonder why kata was so important - it teaches muscle memory, balance, respect, & powerful self-defense. So, by practicing kata and visualizing applications, we train in self-defense. AND each movement in kata is  an individual self-defense application.

Adults & families train together in defense against grabs, throws, chokes, bear-hugs, takedowns, punches, sucker punches, kicks, haymakers, knives, handguns, rifles, clubs, swords and more. We haven't figured out how to use karate against a tank, but we're working on it. Karate is the ultimate form of empty-hand self-defense and traditional karate has been around for centuries, because it works. Our student body includes about 30% women. Some nights, we've had as many as 60% women. We don't ever want to hear about another woman or senior being assaulted by a mugger, illegal alien, or thug without successfully defending themselves. And yes, we do have a group of seniors in our classes. Remember, you can be too young to learn karate, but never too old!

We not only learn to use hands and feet, but we also learn to use common weapons. For example, during much of 2016, we focused on hanbo (3-foot stick) and tanto (knife) along with empty hand techniques. Periodically, we throw in a key chain or chain (manrikigusari). We even periodically train with pens, fingernail files, canes, umbrellas, keychains, magazines, belts, etc. You are always surrounded by weapons - you just need to learn to recognize and how to use them!

Your instructor, Soke Hausel, taught dozens of martial artists, self-defense classes and clinics, and self-defense classes for women at the University of Wyoming for over three decades. In recent years, he taught self-defense to Chandler Arizona librarians, women's clubs, girls scouts, senior citizens, and other groups in ArizonaOur self-defense training starts as ippon kumite (one-step attack). Both the attack and response are taught with force and done in such a way to keep everyone safeMost self-defense techniques can successfully be completed using hands, elbows, knees, fingers, thumbs or toes. In our karate and self-defense classes you will train with other adults. The couple of kids who attend these classes train only with their parents. So, unlike other schools, you will not have to defend against a 3-year-old who might kick you in the shin. 

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