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Arizona School of Traditional Karate in the Phoenix Valley, Mesa, Arizona 

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  • Japanese Peace Gardens, Phoenix Arizona
    Japanese Peace Garden, Phoenix, Arizona
  • Okinawan Kobudo weapons on wall at the Arizona Hombu, Mesa
    Kobudo weapons along the Joseki wall at the Arizona School of Traditional Karate, Mesa, Arizona
  • Sensei Paula Borea trains in Pinan Nidan kata at the Arizona Hombu, Mesa
    Practicing kata on Tuesday evenings at the Arizona Hombu
  • Knife defense training
    Knife Defense training
  • Samurai arts in Gillette, Wyoming
    Samurai arts training
  • Our yudansha (black belt women) training in one-step sparring
    Ippon kumite - one step attacks
  • Sensei Paula Borea, born in Japan, wears traditional clothing
    Sensei Paula Borea, 2nd dan, born in Japan and of samurai lineage
  • Dr Adam trains in karate at Arizona Hombu
    Training with sai during kobudo night at the Arizona Hombu
  • Amada performs Meikyo kata at the Arizona dojo in Mesa
    Amanda training in Meikyo kata
  • Dr. Teule trains with Graffius san at the Arizona Hombu
    Dr. Teule from France, uses back fist strike on Sensei Graffius dying karate training at the Arizona Hombu
  • Kobudo night at the Hombu in Mesa
    Rich and Dr. Adam train with kobudo at the Arizona Hombu.
  • Taking away guns at the Arizona Hombu during self-defense night
    How to take a rifle from an attacker
  • Training with hanbo during samurai arts night
    Hanbo classes at the Arizona Hombu. The hanbo is a half bo of 3 feet in length
  • Training with bo (6-foot staff) on Kobudo night
    Training in bo (6-foot staff) kata (forms) at the Arizona Hombu in Mesa.
  • Training with kama during kobudo night
    Dr. Adam, Dai-Shihan (6th dan) trains with kama during kobudo night at the Arizona hombu, Mesa
  • Extreme body hardening demonstration at half-time by Soke Hausel
    Soke Hausel, 12th dan, demonstrates shitai kori (extreme body hardening) and half-time.
  • Kobudo night at the Arizona Hombu
    Sensei Bill Borea trains with Dr. Adam during kobudo class.
  • Samurai train during Thanksgiving in Gilbert, Arizona
    Soke Hausel trains with katana during Thanksgiving in Gilbert, Arizona
Japanese Peace Gardens, Phoenix Arizona
Japanese Peace Garden, Phoenix, Arizona

A Hombu is the administrative dojo (Martial Arts School) for a particular style or system & home of the Grandmaster. The 'Arizona Hombu' functions as a karate and martial arts school known as the Arizona School of Traditional Karate for the local population in the east valley of Phoenix, and as the world headquarters for Seiyo No Shorin-Ryu Karate Kobudo Kai(TM)Weekly classes in traditional karatekobudoself-defense and samurai arts are available for adults, families, men and women. Membership is also available for legitimate martial artists worldwide. We provide top of the line martial arts instruction and we are affiliated with Juko Kai International and Zen Kokusai Soke Budo Bugei Renmei.

Our facility is located at the NE corner of Baseline Road & MacDonald on the border of Gilbert & Mesa within a mile of Chandler, Arizona. Follow our weekly activities to see why we put on angry white pajamas each week to train in self-defense at our karate school in Mesa, Arizona. Feel free to stop by and visit our school or contact us.

''The Ultimate Aim of Karate Lies Not in Victory or Defeat, but in Perfection of Its Participants" - Gichin Funakosh(1868-1957)

Compare our Fees, Experience, and Longevity with anyone in Arizona. Unlike the Taekwondo School down the street, we are still here.