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Arizona Hombu Karate & Kobudo Dojo

School of Traditional Martial Arts

Traditional Karate Classes, Mesa, Arizona

BEGINNING TO ADVANCED Karate Our focus on Tuesday evenings is kihon (basic techniques) and kata (forms). When you learn karate kata in a traditional Okinawan school, you are exposed to dozens of pragmatic self-defense applications. The style of karate we teach is Shorin-Ryu

We begin Tuesday night with traditional ceremony, move on to stretching, basics, stances, kicks & punches. After basics, it's kata (forms of karate) that teach muscle memory and devastating self-defense. When you need help, we place you one-on-one with a senior student to assist in rapid development. Karate was never intended for sport, so we do not take part in tournaments - instead we train to help people become positive & productive members of society with the ability to defend using hands & feet.

After teaching karate & other martial arts to 50 to 100+ students per class at the University of Wyoming for 30+ years, Soke Hausel now restricts classes to 25 maximum. Classes are typically 30% female and 95% adult (on occasions, we have as many as 60% women). When Soke Hausel began learning karate as a teenager in the early 60s, he found it was boring - too much repetition. Soke Hausel's teaching method also includes repetition, but these are incorporated in many different exercises so you are unaware you are doing the same muscle movement - and it is no longer boring. Because of this method of teaching, Soke has been inducted into some Halls-of-Fame, awarded 'Instructor of the Year' awards, inducted into Who's Who, and received one of the highest awards in martial arts.

"Kata is likened to GPS used to navigate through karate". The late Soke Nagamine from Okinawa stated "Kata is the origin of karate, if there is no kata, there is no karate!" So what is kataKata is a living encyclopedia of self-defense techniques employed by past masters. Once you learn kata, you learn applications known as bunkai (self-defense). At that point, the kata becomes self-teaching. Karate kata is living Zen & teaches balance, strength, breathing, body hardening, stances, kicks, blocks, punches, throws, chokes & even meditation. When you learn kata it is important to take time to mediate on kata - we ask students to take a few minutes outside the dojo and visualize kata & how each kata movement is used in self-defense - this greatly assists in learning kata and its use.


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FAMILY KARATE.  Our 5:30-6:30 pm Wednesdays karate class focuses on basics, katabunkai (self-defense) and kobudo (weapons). This class periodically introduces different kata and techniques than those in other classes.  Find out about our Self-Defense Class

5:30-6:30 pm
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 Family Karate
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 6:45-7:30 pm
 Beginning & Intermediate Karate
(Kata & Kihon)
 7:30-8:00 pm
Advanced Karate 
(Kata & Bunkai)
Samurai Arts