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Arizona Hombu Dojo

School of Traditional Okinawan Karate, Kobudo, Self-Defense & Samurai Arts

Karate Instructors & Active Black Belts | Arizona Hombu Dojo

Respect in traditional karate is as important as technique

Traditional karate & kobudo instructors, must have considerable training in martial arts with years of practice & proper certification from legitimate martial arts associations. One must also have compassion for others & a love for the martial arts

Be careful! There are unethical instructors & as many McDojos in Arizona as there are legitimate schools. To be sure you find a legitimate school, check the credentials of the instructor. An internet search of a karate instructor & school can reveal a lot. McDojo's are now so prevalent, that there is even a wiki page dedicated to them.


Welcome! We have a seat just for you to watch a class & meet our karate students. If you decide to become part of our martial arts family, you will sign a waiver and pay for your first month's classes. Wear gym clothes to the Hombu until you are ready to buy a karate uniform known as gi. We do not sell martial arts supplies & recommend you contact a martial arts supply house. Search for all-white, traditional, karate uniforms. You can use our training weapons: when you decide to get our own, there are places around town that sell martial arts weapons such as Karate Mart in Tempe and the Karate Mart store in Phoenix. For bladed samurai weapons, check to be sure they are not sharpened: we do not allow sharpened weapons in the dojo as we all want to retain our digits. Custom martial arts weapons are the best, and these are sold by Crane Mountain. Please consider a pair of safety googles to wear for kobudo and samurai arts - they are required. 

On your first night, learn to bow! You cannot learn traditional karate and kobudo if you do not bow and bow often. This is a very important part of martial arts training. Bow when you enter and bow when you leave a dojo floor, bow at the beginning and ending of class. When you receive a certificate from Soke or your Sensei, bow deeply; bow to your training partners, bow deeper to anyone who out-ranks you.  Also learn to say "Hai" anytime you are corrected by any black belt. This is a sign of respect. You are not a customer in a traditional martial arts school, you are a member of a martial arts family. When you take your first karate class, we will introduce you to everyone and teach you basics (kihon) of karate. When it is apparent you need additional help, we will put you with a senior martial artist for individual attention. Also check our facebook pages for Arizona School of Traditional Karate and Arizona Hombu Shorin-Ryu martial arts.


We have friendly martial arts instructors who teach Shorin-Ryu Karate and Kobudo. Our group includes our Soke (grandmaster), Kyoshi (martial arts master), Sensei (instructors) and a group of Senpai (seniors) who assist our instructors. In total, we have nearly 2 centuries of martial arts experience!

Soke Hausel (宗家), Junidan (十二段), taught martial arts, karate, kobudo, jujutsu and self-defense at four major universities as professor of martial arts. He is a Soke (grandmaster) in Shorin-Ryu karate & kobudo, and also a Shihan (master) in Juko Kai and has additional black belt ranks. He began training in karate in 1964 under various Japanese, Hawaiian, Okinawan and American sensei until he found the greatest living martial artist: Dai-Soke Sacharnoski, who has been his personal instructor since 1993. Soke Hausel continues his martial arts education through his association with the great Dai-Soke Sacharnoski as a member of Juko Kai International and Zen Kokusai Soke Budo Bugei Renmei

Soke is a Christian: a former member of St. Matthews Episcopal Church in Laramie & former member of Redeemer Lutheran Church in SLC. Soke is a polymath. In 1999, he was certified as grandmaster of Shorin-Ryu Karate & Kobudo (Seiyo-Kai) & granted license to modify Shorin-Ryu karate. He is a Hall-of-Fame martial artist and Hall-of-Fame geologist, a writer, artist, astronomer, public speaker & a former professional musician.

Dr. Neal Adam Kyoshi, (七段)(7th dan) in Shorin-Ryu Karate & Kobudo & Menkyo Okuden (1st dan black belt) in Juko Ryu Kijutsu. He has been training in martial arts for more than 3 decades & began training with Soke Hausel at the University of Wyoming in 1989: prior to UW, Dr. Adam trained in Shotokan karate. Dr. Adam is a professor of biology at Grand Canyon University: he is a Christian, an outstanding karate instructor & scientist committed to martial arts, family, church and profession. He is very creative and we periodically are treated to interesting interpretations of kata by Dr. Adam. Neal is originally from Nebraska.


Sensei Bill Borea. O'Sensei Borea (先生), Sandan (3nd dan) trained in karate in New Jersey and Japan before training with Soke. Sensei Borea began training with Soke in 2008. He retired as a US Air Force pilot and is one of the mentally toughest people we have ever known. He and his wife (Sensei Paula) are grandparents, and are members of the Episcopal Church. We were all shocked when on October 5th, 2016, O'Sensei Bill Borea passed away! He is one of the greatest people we have ever known. RIP and may God be with you my good friend.

Sensei Patrick Scofield, Sandan (三段) (3rd dan), is an Arizona native. He began training in martial arts on Okinawa. His father was also a sandan (3rd dan) in Shorin-Ryu karate and Patrick now follows in his father's footsteps. When he is not punching and kicking, he works as an engineer and is a pilot. Patrick is a brilliant individual and has great spirit! He has been a student of Soke's since 2011.

Sensei Victoria Davis, Victoria is a sandan (三段)(3rd dan) in Shobayashi Shorin-Ryu karate and has been with our dojo for several years. She is Catholic and is very active in her church, as well as at our dojo

Sensei Alex Hurowyj, Sandan (三段) (3rd dan) recently joined our dojo in 2016. He previously trained in Okinawan Kempojutsu at a Juko Kai International dojo in Indiana. Alex is a devote Christian, a member of the Lutheran Church, and we are all happy to have him in our dojo.

Sensei Alexandra Lucas, Dr. Alexandra is a sandan (三段)(3rd dan) in Kempo karate and Shodan in Shorinji-Ryu Karate. She works as a cardiologist researcher at Arizona State University. She recently joined our dojo in 2016 and we are all happy to have her in our martial arts family.


Sensei Paula Borea (先生), sandan (三段)(3rd dan) is Japanese-American with real Samurai (侍) lineage. Not only was she born in Japan and trained in karate in Japan as well as in New Jersey. She a tiger on the dojo floor and has been one of Soke's students since 2006. On the evenings she trains at the dojo, everyone's technique greatly improves because of her samurai spirit. She is loved by all who attend our dojo. Sensei Paula is a grandparent and Christian.

Sensei Ryan Harden Sensei Harden, nidan (二段)(2nd dan), is an Arizona native who began his karate education with Soke. Sensei Ryan works as a nutritionist when he is not kicking and punching and is an outstanding martial artist. Few have better karate technique than Sensei Harden. He has been a student of Soke's since 2010, and is a Christian.


Seniors are not considered Sensei other than Sensei in training or assistants to our instructors as they learn to be instructors.

Senpai A. Pillow Shodan (1st dan), is a very dedicated martial artist and an extraordinary lady who began training in martial arts under Soke in 2012. She is a beautiful and spiritual person who is a dedicated Christian. Over the years she has transformed into a very good martial artist!

Senpai Richard E. Durfee, Jr, Shodan (1st dan). Senpai Durfee is an excellent and powerful martial artist who speaks fluent Japanese learned on a mission to Japan for the LDS Church. He is excellent at bunkai (self-defense), karate and kobudo and puts 100% effort into training. He is very personable and has been training under Soke since 2012. We are very lucky to have him and his family in our dojo

Senpai Dennis Ingram Shodan (1st dan). Members of the dojo feel that Senpai Ingram is our mascot. We all have a wonderful time with Dennis and training is not quite the same when he is not present. Even though he occasionally clowns around, he is a powerful martial artist who is very good at bunkai. He came to us from another dojo and has been a student of Soke's since 2012. Dennis is a member of the LDS Church and has his own personal suite at the ER, but that has little to do with martial arts and more due to his nature.

Senpai Ben Moeur Shodan (1st dan). Most everyone in the dojo has found Ben to be a good candidate for Shitai Kori (body hardening) as he shows little reaction to pain. When his mother (Janet) trains, she usually throws Ben around even though she is half his size! Ben is a quiet and loves martial arts and began training at the Arizona Hombu in 2013, making his rise to shodan unusually fast. One of the principal reasons Ben has been able to reach black belt level so quickly is that he is always present for class and trains at home. 

Senpai Adam Bialek. Shodan (1st dan). When Adam joined our karate school, everyone took an immediate liking to his wonderful personality. Adam is one of the more dedicated martial artists and has been a personal student of Soke's since 2011. He came to our dojo from another martial arts school. We missed him when he moved to Florida, but we were equally excited he chose to return to Arizona. Adam is a member of the Catholic Church and originally from Pennsylvania.  By day, he is an accountant, by night - a ninja warrior!

Senpai Tyler Durfee Shodan (1st dan). Tyler is an extraordinary martial artist with extraordinary stances and technique. He is a member of the LDS Church and is involved in many activities related to theater. Few martial artists have perfected technique as well as Tyler. Tyler is an outstanding martial artist - one of the best!

Senpai Janel Durfee Shodan (1st dan). Janel is at the dojo nearly every week with the rest of her family. She is a member of the LDS church and an active member of our dojo. She has a wonderful personality and is a very good martial artist. We all very much enjoy seeing her at our dojo.



Our Karate School focuses on traditional martial arts known as ‘do’ (pronounced ‘doe’) and 'jutsu'. We do not compete. Since karate was created possibly as early as 1374 AD, it has been a weapon impractical for sport. Traditional Okinawan karate practitioners train to knock an attacker down with a single punch - unlike sport. Gichin Funakoshi (father of modern Okinawa Karate) stated, "there are no contests in karate".  The principal aspects of our martial art and karate includes: (1) kihon (basics), (2) kata (forms), (3) bunkai (self-defense applications), (4) ippon kumite (one-step focused & restricted karate sparring), and (5) shitai kori (body hardening). After teaching karate and kobudo for 30+ years at the University of Wyoming, Soke Hausel and his wife Sharon moved to Gilbert, Arizona and opened the Arizona School of Traditional Karate in 2006.


Call us at 480-294-1001 or stop by and talk with us at 60 W. Baseline Road, Mesa, Arizona.  For more information, see our page on martial art.

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