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All good people are welcome 
except politicians (kidding) 
& telemarketers (not kidding)!

Arizona Hombu Karate & Kobudo Dojo

School of Traditional Martial Arts

Contact Us - We Look Forward To Hearing From You

Welcome to the Arizona Hombu at the 60 West Baseline Center in Mesa right across the street from Gilbert and Chandler. 

Visit our VIRTUAL DOJO - Click Here 

We welcome inquiries from all potential students - 480-294-1001 

Like most of you, we are receiving dozens of telemarketer calls every week & we refuse to do business with any telemarketer. We are trying to do something about telemarketers by filing complaints with the FTC against all telemarketers.


We look forward to being your family dojo and if you would like an e-copy of our recent Bushido Newsletter, we will send it to you.  Just send us an email.

Follow the MAP to find our friendly, traditional dojo.

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