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Traditional Okinawan Martial Arts (Karate, Kobudo, Self-Defense, Samurai Arts)

Arizona Hombu Dojo - Class Schedule

Traditional Martial Arts are about self-defense, self-esteem & self-confidence. We teach people to be proficient with feet & hands: as they progress, self-confidence increases. But we don't just stop at teaching kicks & punches, Kyoju (professor of martial arts) Hausel will educate you in martial arts history, Japanese & a variety of traditional martial arts. We have fun learning martial arts with other adults & families & so will you.

In the following Class Schedule, Tuesday evenings begin training in kata (forms) of karate and periodically examine bunkai. This is the most important training in karate. Wednesdays begin with Karate. This class reviews karate, kobudo and self-defense taught in other classes. This is followed by Self Defense (Kata Bunkai) where members learn to use kata techniques to defend against a variety of attacks. Thursdays start with Samurai Arts - dressed in karate jacket and black hakama, members learn to use samurai sword, Okinawan spear, naginata, jujutsu, manrikigusari, hanbo and other similar Samurai (Pechin) weapons. This is followed by the Kobudo - the classical weapons of Okinawa such as nunchuks, bo, sai, tonfa, kama, etc.

  5:30-6:30 pm
 Private lesson
Private Lesson
Private Lesson
Private Lesson
5:30-6:30 pm
Private lesson
Private Lesson
6:35-7:30 pm
Kata Bunkai 
Private Lesson
Clinics (All Day)
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   7:30-7:45 pm
  Personal Training
 Personal Training
Private Lesson


CLASSES. Gichin Funakoshi, the father of modern Okinawa Karate & Kobudo, summed up our philosophy in a simple statement. "The purpose of karate lies not in victory or defeat, but in perfection of its participants". After training in martial arts for >5 decades & teaching at four universities, Soke Hausel believes learning martial arts should be both educational & fun.  

We are always searching for honest individuals with integrity and positive attitudes who care about others. We ask members to pay at the beginning of each month with personal check or cash (no credit cards). Our only fees are monthly training fees & periodic rank certification fees (see rank certification below). 


(1) Group martial arts (T, W, Th): New Members pay - $125/month. It's not necessary, but we hope you will attend all classes.

(2) Family membership - $175/mo for two. Each additional family member, add $50/mo (allows you to attend all group classes). 

(3) Private Lessons - $50/hour.

(4) Personal Class. A personal Class for yourself and a friend. This is a weekly class set up for you at a specific hour each week where you will train with our Hall-of-Fame Grandmaster. The fee is $300/month for two people - so if you bring a friend, you can split the cost. 


ARIZONA HOMBU We are a family of martial artists ('Ryu' implies family). Those who train in Shorin-Ryu karate are friends & care for one another like family. 

Our classes are typically 95% adult (30-60% female). We have a couple of focused children who train with parent(s) and are welcome to attend all martial arts classes with the exception of Thursdays. When accepted into the Thursday night class, children are required to wear safety goggles. Classes are small (5 to 20 people) to provide individual attention. 

 "Karate begins and ends with courtesy" - Gichin Funakoshi (1868-1957)


  • Periodically, members are asked to test for rank in karate and kobudo. Depending on the individual, this typically occurs after 2 to 6 months of training in karate. If you pass, you will be promoted and awarded rank certification after a fee is paid for the test. 

  • All mudansha ranks (9th kyu to 1st kyu) known as color belts, are $60/rank.
  • Kobudo certifications - $60.
  • Black belt promotions (after shodan) require 1 to 5 years between testing. Shodan (1st degree black belt) ranks typically require about 3 to 5 years to earn.
  • Shodan, Nidan & Sandan fees - $250.
  • Yondan & Godan fees - $300.
  • All other yudansha ranks - $350 (there are no honorary ranks - one must earn rank & all pay for their rank and certificates.