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Karate & Kobudo for School Teachers

School Teachers Welcome!  If you are a school teacher, you need self-defense! Traditional karate is physically and mentally healthy, and knowing self-defense is common sense, because of an increase in physical attacks on teachers. Learn to use your God-given weapons (feet, hands, knees, elbows) & tools around you for self-defense. 

Kobudo is important as it teaches how to use car keys, coins, staplers, pointers, rulers, pens, markers, books, magazines as self-defense weaponsToday, teachers are wary of dangers associated with out-of-control students & parents. Schools are gun-free zones where only criminals and mentally ill students and politicians are armed. For any teacher, being proficient in self-defense provides self-confidence along with physical and mental well-being. But it is also important to learn a traditional form of self-defense at a martial arts school with an excellent reputation

How would you take a gun from a student? How would you defend against an irate parent who punches you, kicks you, threatens you with a knife, or even worse, reads you political propaganda? We teach our members to defend against these attacks (except the political propaganda - you're on your own). Imagine how much more at peace you will be burning calories 2 to 3 nights a week while learning karate, self-defense & kobudo. Karate provides a foundation for personal self-defense and teaches how to react in stressful situations by rote, known to martial artists as mushin. We train in defenses against grabs, punches, kicks, chokes, takedowns, weapons (clubs, knives, guns, rifles, swords, etc), but at the same time we teach our students some martial arts history and philosophy so they get a rounded education. Kobudo (martial arts weapons) focuses on Okinawan peasant weaponscommon everyday weapons, so you learn to use tools sitting in front of you - that book, magazine, stapler, keyboard, cell phone, pencil, pen, salt shaker, paperweight, coffee cup, computer disc, rock, towel, coins, belt, etc.

CNS news (6/10/2014) reported a record number of teachers had been physically assaulted in 2011-2012. The number of assaults were up 34.5% for a record 209,800 during the school year. On average, more than 1,100 teachers were attacked per school day! Reported physical assaults included striking, kicking, biting, slapping, stabbing and shooting (NEA). According to the American Psychological Association, 80% of teachers surveyed had been victimized and nearly half reported being harassed by obscene gestures, verbal threats & intimidation. CNS news (3/10/2011) indicated female teachers were more likely to be assaulted than males.

In Surprise, Arizona, a 12-year old smashed a computer keyboard against the head of a teacher and then kicked and punched the teacher until police arrived. In New Hampshire, an 8th grade teacher was body-slammed by a student. The Telegraph (9/2/2011) reported one-in-five teachers had been physically assaulted at school. These problems begin at home and are exacerbated by courts, administrators and parents who refuse to punish students. 

We recommend any group of teachers interested in self-defense to set up a self defense clinic at a local martial arts school (but be sure the school has qualified instructors and search the internet by the instructor's name, school name, and martial arts association name). We provided self-defense training for a group of Chandler Librarians who were astonished to find they were surrounded by self-defense weapons. At another clinic, a group of girl scouts were asked to bring backpacks to the clinic and taught to use the contents for self-defense. A women's group of joggers from Gilbert and Mesa were trained at another clinic to use car keys, coins, knees, elbows and feet for self-defense

When you start training in self-defense, focus on mastering simple techniques such as those at Jen Reviews. As you progress, practice these weekly for the rest of your life and periodically add a new technique. Soon, muscle memory will take over so you don't have to think about how to respond.