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Arizona Hombu Karate Dojo

Traditional Okinawan Martial Arts (Karate, Kobudo, Self-Defense, Samurai Arts)

Traditional Okinawan Karate Classes, Mesa, Arizona 

“Karate …. is a life-long marathon which can be won only through self-discipline, hard training, and creative efforts.” 

Sokeshodai Shoshin Nagamine (founder of Matsubayashi-ryu Karate)

BEGINNING TO ADVANCED KARATE - Tuesday evening classes focus on basics (kihon) & forms (kata). 

Kata are filled with pragmatic self-defense applications (known as bunkai) that teach balance, power, acceleration, and muscle memory necessary for self-defense. Shorin-Ryu Karate is one of the original forms of karate developed from Chinese Kung fu (Chuan-Fa) centuries ago. There are varieties of Shorin-Ryu Karate as well as other Okinawan martial arts including Shuri-Te, Naha-Te, Tomari-Te, Shito-Ryu, Goju-Ryu, Shotokan, Tode, Okinawa-Te, Ryukyu Kempo, Uechi-Ryu, Isshin-Ryu, Sudokan, Chito-Ryu, Chubu-Ryu,. We accept new members and members from the above systems & provide rank reciprocity. 

Classes begin with traditional ceremony, move to stretching, basics (stances, kicks,  punches, blocks). Next it's kata. When you need individual help, we place you one-on-one with a senior student to assist in rapid development. Karate was never intended for sport & we do not take part in tournaments - instead we teach students to be positive & productive members of society with an ability to defend themselves.

After teaching Karate, Kobudo, Samurai Arts, Jujutsu & Self-Defense in the Departments of Physical Education, Kinesiology, Extended Studies, and Club Sports to 50 to >110 students/class at the University of Wyoming for >30 years, Soke Hausel now restricts classes to 25 maximum. Classes are typically 30% female & 98% adult. Occasionally, we've had as many as 60% female. 

We focus on kata. "Kata is likened to GPS for navigating karate". The late Soke Nagamine from Okinawa stated "Kata is the origin of karate, if there is no kata, there is no karate!" So what is kataKata is a living encyclopedia of self-defense used by past masters. Once you learn kata, you learn self-defense applications known as bunkaiAt that point, the kata becomes self-teaching. Karate kata is living Zen & teaches balance, strength, breathing, body hardening, stances, kicks, blocks, punches, throws, chokes & meditation. We ask students to take a few minutes outside the dojo to visualize kata & how each movement is used in self-defense - this greatly assists in learning kata.


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FAMILY KARATE. Our 5:30-6:20 pm Wednesday class focuses on basics, katabunkai (self-defense) & kobudo (weapons). We periodically introduces different kata & technique than those in other classes (monthly fees include this & all other classes.