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Seiyo Shorin-Ryu Karate Hall of Fame

The Seiyo No Shorin-Ryu Karate Kobudo Kai Hall of Fame was established to recognize those martial artists who provide significant influences to the development of our martial art. 


Dr. R. Sacharnoski, Dai-Soke/12th dan

Dr. Sacharnoski, Dai-Soke is the greatest living martial artist in the world today: a living legend. He is the author of several martial arts books, master of many martial arts, instructor of many martial arts and he developed one of the more intense forms of martial arts in the world - known as Combat Ki. In 1993, Soke Hausel was privileged to become a student of Dr Sacharnoski. Since that time, he has greatly influenced the development of Soke Hausel and Seiyo No Shorin-Ryu Karate Kobudo Kai more than any other person. 

Grandmaster Hausel wrote: "I am very grateful for his instruction and influence on my martial arts path. Over the past 50+ years, I've trained under many sensei, but it was Dai-Soke Sacharnoski's instruction and martial arts methods who helped me design Seiyo No Shorin-Ryu Karate Kobudo Kai and provided me with a model to try to emulate. I know it is unlikely I could ever be as great as a martial artist as Dai-Soke Sacharnoski, but it is a goal I place on myself. No other martial artist has influence me more. I also hope to get as many of my students as possible to train with him at the JKI Hombu, so they too can experience a legend. Dr. Sacharnoski stands alone as a great martial artist".

Dai-Soke is one of a few non-Asians to receive 10th Dan Sokeship recognition from Okinawa/Japan. He and some of this students have been featured on some TV programs in the US, Japan and elsewhere including: ABC's Wide World of Sports, Discovery Channel's Way of the Warrior, Learning Channel's Ultimate 10 martial arts, Steve Harvey's Big Time Show, Discovery Channel's More than Human, Ripley's Believe it or Not, Fit TV, You Asked For It, Seeing is Believing, The Warrior Within, TBS Japan, Univision, Fuji TV Special Japan, Fox Sports Science, Fox Sports Science Combat KiTokyo Broadcasting System Extreme Martial Arts Sporting Events, World Sports Family Tokyo Broadcasting System, Fuji TV Japan World's Most Courageous Heroes, Stan Lee's SuperHumans, Chelsea Lately E Entertainment, Travel Channels' Coming and Going.  We also found some videos on the internet on Dai-Sokes Students including Juko-Ryu Aiki Jutsu, Demo.


Donette Gillespie, 3rd Dan

Sensei Gillespie, Sandan, joined the Laramie Bushido Dojo in the 1970s & also became an active member in the University of Wyoming JKA Shotokan Karate Club which was later renamed the University of Wyoming Campus Shorin-Ryu Karate Club. Sensei Gillespie was a prominent fixture of the Seiyo Kai International organization & active member of Juko Kai International for many years. She was always helpful to the many members of the University of Wyoming karate school and was a very good friend of most of us who trained with her. She moved to Alaska a few years ago and we all miss her tremendously. For her many contributions and influence to our organization, Donette is recognized for her important contributions and is the second person to be inducted into the Seiyo No Shorin-Ryu Karate Kobudo Kai Hall of Fame

Mike Killian, 1st dan

Mike Killian, Sandan was the first black belt student of Soke Hausel at the University of Utah Karate Club (about 1970). Mike was a great friend and an important contributor of the U of U dojo and often entertained us with off the wall ideas. Mike also introduced me to the nunchaku. Back in the late 1960s to early 1970s, few people knew what nunchaku were in this country. Over the years, I lost touch with Senpai Killian as I have lost touch with Sensei Gillespie. 


Dr.  Pavel Sigalov, 1st Dan

During my years at UW, Dr. Sigalov touched the lives of everyone he worked with in the club and I was told that he touched many lives in his field of expertise - linguistics. He was subjected to the terror of the Communist/Socialist regime in the USSR during the Cold War. Dr. Sigalov indicated he was not allowed to study martial arts in Estonia under the rule of the Soviet Union, so when he joined the UW club, it was late in life but he became a very prominent member of the club. This Hall of Fame is about members and affiliates of our martial arts who have influenced the lives of not only of me (Soke), but also of others. It is about those people who have provided a unique influence in a positive way. Dr. Sigalov definitely fits that description and is a wonderful person and friend.

Hanshi Andy Finley, 7th Dan

Congratulations Hanshi Andy Finley. Hanshi has shown incredible dedication & focus in the martial arts & continues to provide insight & instruction to many members of Seiyo Kai International on his own time. Of all of the martial artists that have trained in Seiyo Shorin-Ryu Karate, probably none match the power & focus of Hanshi Finley and few can match his dedication to the martial arts. For dedication to our art & his constant giving of time to others as well as being an important part of the community of Casper (he is an outstanding geologist) and a very good friend, we induct him into the 2010 Hall of Fame. 

2012 HALL-of-FAME

Kyoshi Robert Watson, 8th dan

Congratulations to Kyoshi Robert Watson, head of the Utah Shorin-Kai program in Murray Utah. Kyoshi Watson, 8th dan, has headed a very successful family traditional karate and kobudo program at Murray City Community Education since 1980. He began training in karate in 1967 and is a former USKA National Champion and Team USA member.

Recognition by the Seiyo No Shorin-Ryu Karate Kobudo Kai Hall-of-Famerequires those individuals to have dedicated their lives to teaching and to traditional Okinawan martial arts. These rare individuals must have influenced many martial arts students and provided a deep interest in helping others find their path in life, whether it be a path in martial arts or some other profession. Our Shorin-Ryu Hall-of-Fame world champions are world-class instructors and teachers of men and women. Kyoshi Robert Watson definitely fills all of these categories.

2015 HALL-of-FAME

Sensei Bill Borea, 3rd dan

Congratulations to Sensei Bill Borea, instructor at the Arizona Hombu. Sensei Borea has touched all of our lives with his communication and teaching skills. He and his wife - Sensei Paula Borea (2nd dan) provided much of the decor in the Arizona Hombu as well as arranging it. Sensei Bill is the person you can always count on and was at the dojo essentially every evening for training and or teaching and he also provided much needed maintenance to various parts of the dojo. He is one of the toughest people we know and seems to have undergone just about every kind of surgery known to Mankind - but none has ever stopped him - his philosophy is not to let anything negative control his life or mind. After open heart surgery, everyone in the dojo was concerned about him, but he was back within a month! After surgery for cancer, he again returned to the dojo as soon as possible. He is a retired pilot from the US Air Force, trained in karate in Japan. He is also a grandfather and an inspiration to all of us in Seiyo No Shorin-Ryu Karate Kobudo Kai.

Sensei Paula Borea, 2nd dan

We welcome Sensei Paula Borea to our Hall of Fame membership. Paula began training with Soke Hausel right after the Hombu moved from the University of Wyoming to Apollos Gym in Chandler, Arizona. She continued to train with the group when the hombu was relocated to Gold's Gyms in ahwatukee, And like her husband Bill, she spent considerable time and energy decorating the Hombu to make it into what it is today - a beautiful, traditional dojo. Paula has demonstrated her toughness in the dojo and outside the dojo she was once asked by her doctor if she wanted to report her husband to the authorities for spousal abuse since she had many bruises (all from karate). At first she had no idea what he was talking about as bruises were just part of training. 

Dai Shihan Neal Adam, 6th dan

Dr. Neal Adam was welcomed to our Hall-of-Fame of elite martial artists in September of 2015. Neal began training with Soke Hausel 25 years ago (1988) at the University of Wyoming and has continued his path in martial arts. Dr. Adam is not only a very good martial artist, he is an excellent martial arts instructor and very creative individual. When asked to develop a hanbo kata for Seiyo No Shorin-Ryu Karate Kobudo Kai, Dr. Adam developed two kata. He also took kobudo to another level by developing kata for both professors (Nerd Kata) and Nebraskan farmers (Billy Bob kata) when he created kata that included tools of a university professor such as taped glasses, pocket protector, pens, pencils, ruler, belt and even pink underwear. For Billy Bob Kata, he added weapons that included corn cob nunchaku, suspender manrikigusari, corn cob pipe kuboton and straw hat shrunken. When Dr. Adam is not entertaining us at the dojo, he teaches Biology at Grand Canyon University.

Outstanding Martial Artists of Seiyo-Kai 

"No matter how you excel in the art of te (karate) & in your scholastic endeavors, nothing is more important than your behavior & your humanity as observed in daily life" - Okinawan Scholar Teijunsoku

It is our students who make is great!  We've had the privilege of teaching some of the more wonderful people in the world.

2000 JKI Awards

  • W. Dan Hausel, JIK Top Affiliated Soke

2005 Awards presented by the SKI Hombu

  • Kate Lehman - 2005 Female Martial Artist of the Year
  • Heather From - 2005 Female Martial Artist of the Year
  • Chris King - 2005 Male Martial artist of the Year
  • Ben Marquez - 2005 Jujutsu-Ka of the Year.
  • Kevin Vance - 2005 Traditional Martial Artist of the Year
  • Indishe Senanayake - 2005 International Instructor of the Year
  • Andy Finley - 2005 Shorin-Ryu Shihan (Master) of the Year
  • Rob Watson - 2005 Seiyo Shorin-Ryu Representative of the Year
  • Brett Philbrick - 2005 Kobudo-ka of the Year
  • Kyle Gewecke - 2005 Top Student of the Year
  • Joe Miles - 2005 Oyama Award
  • Kyle Linton - 2005 Yamaguchi Award
  • Eric Hausel - 2005 Funakoshi Award
  • Ali Atiq Al-Atiq - 2005 World Martial Arts Ambassador

2006 Awards

  • Rob Watson - Seiyo Shorin-Ryu Representative of the Year
  • Kate Lehman - Female Martial Artist of the Year
  • Chris King - Funakoshi Award
  • Eric Hausel - Yamaguchi Award
  • Kasie Drown - Outstanding Junior Female Mudansha
  • Kyle Gewecke - Outstanding Seiyo Shorin-Ryu Kobudo-Ka
  • Ernst Arnold - Outstanding Male Martial Artist
  • Matt Schroeder - Outstanding Junior Male Mudansha
  • Mark Bittner - Most Improved Martial Artist
  • Zhuxian Zhou - Martial Artist with Extraordinary Ki
  • Noelani Blueford - Outstanding Female Yudansha-sho
  • Todd Stoneking - Outstanding Shorin-Ryu Black Belt
  • Andy Finley - Oyama Award
  • Tegan Clark - Most Improved Junior Female Mudansha
  • Jessica Ricks - Top Mudansha
  • Brett Philbrick - Traditional Martial Artist with Extraordinary Dedication
  • Glenn Polk - Traditional Martial Artist with Extraordinary Devotion
  • Heather From - Traditional Martial Artist with Extraordinary spirit

2007 Awards

  • Glenn Polk - Uchi Deshi
  • Jessica Ricks - 2007- Top Female Martial Artist
  • Nathan Petrisin - 2007 Funakoshi Ward for Excellenct in Scholastics & Martial Arts
  • Kyle Gewecke - 2007 Shorin-Ryu Instructor of the Year
  • Kevin Vance - 2007 Outstanding Kobudo-Ka
  • Zhou Zhuxian - 2007 Outstanding Male Martial Artist
  • Andy Finley - 2007 Oyama Award for Superior Power and Focus
  • Kyle Linton - 2007 Yamaguchi Award for Power, Focus & finesse in Martial Arts
  • Neal Adam - 2007 Outstanding Arizona Shorin-Ryu Black Belt
  • Bill Borea - 2007 Ushi Deshi
  • Paula Borea - 2007 Shorin Ryu Traditional Martial Artist
  • Indishe Senanayake - 2007 International Instructor of the Year
  • Prem Dubey - 2007 Miyagi Award
  • Seyed Taleghani - 2007 Top Competitor
  • Vladlen Gardner - 2007 Youth Award - Superior Martial Arts Spirit
  • Julia Perkovic - 2007 Outstanding Youth Female Mudansha
  • Rob Watson - 2007 Outstanding Martial Artist
  • Kristine Watson - 2007 Outstanding Utah Mudansha
  • Todd Stoneking - 2007 Outstanding National Karate-Ka
  • Kasie Drown - 2007 Scholastics and Martial Arts Excellence
  • Donna Drown - 2007 Female Competitor of the Year
  • Teagan Clark - 2007 Outstanding Yudansha-Sho
  • Indishe Senanayake - 2007 International Instructor of the Year
  • Seyed Ahmad Taleghani - 2007 International Competitor of the Year
  • Kirby Guynn - 2007 Outstanding Youth Male Mudansha
  • Yan Ma - 2007 Outstanding Wyoming Mudansha
  • Brett Philbrick - 2007 Outstanding Wyoming Black Belt

2009 JKI Awards
  • W. Dan Hausel, One who points the way

2010 Awards

  • Andy Finley - Seiyo Kai International Hall of Fame
  • Florence Teule - Uchi Deshi
  • Elena Finley - Uchi Deshi
  • Kevin Vance - Funakoshi Award
  • Leonard Martin - Instructor of the Year
  • Andy Finley - Budo Award
  • Kyle Gewecke - Oyama Award
  • Kyle Linton - Traditional Martial Artist of the Year

2013 JKI Awards
  • W. Dan Hausel, Meijin Wajutsu
  • Ryan Nemec, 2012 Outstanding Male Martial Arts Student of the Year

2017 JKI Awards
  • Tyler Durfee, 2017 Outstanding Male Martial Arts Student of the Year