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Three Wyoming Martial Artists awarded Master Instructor certiifications

Posted by Dan Hausel, Soke on November 11, 2014 at 4:40 PM Comments comments (0)

In 2014, Soke Hausel, world head of Seiyo No Shorin-Ryu Karate Kobudo Kai awarded Shihan certificates to three karate instructors - Shihan is considered to be a very high level of expertise in the martial arts and translates as 'Master instructor'. To reach such a level in traditional karate requires considerable dedication and many years of training in martial arts. Only a very few individuals ever reach this level.

At the Casper, Wyoming Shorin-Ryu Karate Club in Wyoming, Hanshi Andy Finley, 7th dan, recommended Matt Larson and Duane Good for Shihan certification to the Arizona Hombu, and both were accepted as master instructors. In addition, Matt Larson was also promoted to 5th degree black belt in May of 2014 and Duane Good was promoted to 4th degree black belt in November, 2014. 

In March, 2014, Kyle Gewecke with the Gillette, Wyoming Shorin-Ryu Karate Club was also awarded certification as Shihan and promoted to 5th degree black belt by Soke Hausel.