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                 Traditional Okinawan Martial Arts


 KOBUDO CLASSES - Ancient Art of Okinawan Weapons

In 1480 AD, King Shoshin of Okinawa outlawed bladed weapons because of a non-violent Buddhist philosophy & concern over a recent civil war. The Okinawan people were more concerned for personal safety than the King's philosophy and the art of kobudo (Okinawa Martial Arts Weapons) was created by peasants training with their farming and fishing implements to use as self-defense weapons.

And without a standing army, Okinawa was invaded in the early 17th century by well-armed samurai from Japan and it became illegal to practice any form of martial art. Thus peasants continued to train in karate and kobudo in secret using their farming & fishing implements.

Dr. Teule (from France) practices kobudo at the Arizona School of Traditional Karate with Ryan Harden with tonfa (Okinawan rice grinder handle). (Top of page photo - Rich Mendolia trains with Shihan Neal Adam, PhD, using kuwa.

Kobudo (ancient Okinawan weapons) is taught in our martial arts schools in Arizona, Maryland, Utah, Wyoming, India, Middle East and Vietnam. Kobudo & kobujutsu are martial arts that use Okinawan & Japanese weapons including Nunchaku, Sansetsukon (3-sectional nunchuku), Tonfa (side-handle police baton), Sai, Kama (sickle), Gusarigama, Hanbo (half-staff), Nitanbo (two sticks), Kibo or Kioga (expandable baton), Kuai or Tsue (Cane), Bo (staff), Katana (Samurai Sword), Yari (spear), Naginata, Kobutan, Eku (oar), Ra-ke (rake), Kuwa (hoe), Manrikigusari (rope), Tanto (knife), Hari (fish hooks), Nireki (two rakes), Surichin (weighted rope or chain) & more. These are taught to all Seiyo Shorin-Ryu karate students in our martial arts schools including those in Arizona.

Karate and kobudo were blended together and only recently have many Japanese and American karate systems eliminated kobudo from cirriculum. At the Seiyo Shorin-Ryu Hombu (martial arts school) in Arizona, top-rated Arizona martial arts instructors teach karate the traditional way - with empty hand and kobudoTrain the Okinawan martial arts way at the Arizona Hombu in the Phoenix East Valley with Grandmaster Hausel.
Above - Sensei Bill Borea & Charles Jean train with kama & bo at the Arizona School of Traditional Karate.  

Below - Officer Brett Philbrook of Laramie Police Department trains with modern weapon (kioga or expandable baton) that is an adaption of hanbo & used in law enforcement. Brett uses kioga on Shihan-Dai Kyle Gewecke from Gillette.