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We pray that God will prepare a dojo for our members in heaven & watch over those of us who relocate to heaven. But for now, we keep their memories in our hearts and pray for our friends, family and colleagues who have moved on. May God be with you!

O’ Sensei William B. Borea, (3rd dan), 

December 25, 1944 - October 5, 2016

An extraordinary teacher loved by all who shared the dojo floor with him

O’ Sensei Bill Borea, an extraordinary teacher loved by all who shared the dojo floor with him. An extraordinary person liked by all he met inside or outside the dojo. A tough, yet gentle martial artist who gave his time freely to anyone. A hero to some; a teacher to others; a husband, father, grandfather to others; and a friend to me. God called him home, but he still watches over us from a place in Heaven.

The Arizona Hombu Dojo lost a dear friend and teacher.  O' Sensei Bill Borea passed away at the age of 71. Everyone who trained with him had the highest regards for Sensei Borea as a teacher and person. Since to dojo opened its doors in Mesa in 2008 (after moving from the University of Wyoming where it had been located since 1977), Sensei Borea was a nightly fixture taking karate, kobudo, samurai arts and self defense classes as well as substituting for Soke Hausel in his absence. Sensei Borea also often taught new students at the Hombu in the basics of karate and traditions.

Senesi Borea earned a sandan (3rd degree) black belt in Shorin-Ryu Karate and Kobudo, was given license to teach karate (Sensei certifiction) and also certified in other traditional martial arts including tonfa, kama, bo, and nunchaku. He was one of the few people to be inducted into the Hombu Hall-of-Fame for his martial arts contributions. Sensei Borea assisted in karate demonstrations with Soke Hausel and assisted with teaching various public and martial arts groups at the Arizona Hombu dojo - including the Utah Shorin-Kai, the Police DAV karate team from India, girl scounts and others.

Sensei Borea is survived by his family, including his wife, Sensei Paula Borea. He is also survived by all of his close friends at the Arizona Hombu Dojo. May God Bless him and may he rest in peace. In loving memory of a tough and great martial artist - from the Hombu Dojo.

                                     Senpai William Brummet, (1st dan)

September 28, 1952 - August 21, 2013

God be with you!

Memorial services were conducted at the Church of the Holy Family, Holy Catholic Church; Anglican Rite of Casper, Wyoming on Saturday, September 21, 2013 at 11:00 AM for Senpai Bill Brummet, member of the Casper, Wyoming Seiyo no Shorin-Ryu Karate and Kobudo dojo

Bill died on August 21, 2013 at Porter Adventist Hospital in Denver, CO. He had been on a transplant list for almost two years when he succumbed to complications for which he was being treated. Bill was born on September 28, 1952 in North Hollywood, CA. His parents, William Newton Brummet and Virginia Dines Brummet had moved to Pinedale, WY when Bill was a little boy. They owned and operated a Sporting Goods store in Pinedale. Bill later attended the University of WY and UCLA. He lived and worked in the Burbank and Los Angeles area for approximately sixteen years before returning to Wyoming to settle in Casper.

Bill had been an excellent downhill skier from the time he was in school in Pinedale and competed in school skiing events. Later, he taught children to ski at the Hogadon Ski Area of Casper. He also enjoyed bike riding with his family, Judy his wife and Cameron Brummet, their son. Bill was also very interested in “Shorin Ryu” martial arts and earned his black belt in this Okinawan form of Karate.

He was very active in his church; Church of the Holy Family, Holy Catholic Church; Anglican Rite and was ordained a Deacon. He was devoted to his Ministry and continued to study with Bishop Kinner and Father Dean. He loved the outdoors and he and his family have made their home on Casper Mountain.

Dorthy Hausel & Maynard Hausel

Soke's parents are remembered as loving parents. They did not participate in traditional martial arts, but were supportive of Soke (in things that did not get him into trouble) including blasting the neighborhood as lead guitarist in a teenage rock n' roll band. When Soke (and his brother) decided to take up karate at the ages of 14 and 15, his mother and father totally supported this journey, even though they did not quite understand it. His parents gave him some financial help to build a dojo when they decided to move on to heaven and by all rights, the Arizona Hombu Dojo is dedicated to them. Soke's dad trained in judo as a member of the US Army, as a Salt Lake City police officer and later became a computer programer. May God Bless you two!